About us


Our mission is to stimulate broad-based support for local history and the Louisville Historical Museum and to encourage the development of the Museum through fundraising, advocacy and education.


The Louisville Historical Commission is an advisory board tasked with advising City Council on the development and use of the Louisville Historical museum, promoting public awareness of the history of Louisville and its surrounding area, and estabishing and monitoring criteria for the collection, preservation, and display of historical artifcats, documents, and structures.

In 2014 the Commission decided that fundraising activities should be managed by a new Foundation instead of the Commission. The purpose of the Foundation would be to support and engender community support for the preservation of the history of the City of Louisville, Colorado, and the City of Louisvilleā€™s historical museum and campus.

Today, the Louisville History Foundation serves as the fundraising organization supporting the The Louisville Historical Museum.


The Foundation logo was designed by Catherine Fahey Wessling, a Louisville native and Foundation Board Member. The design mimics the original sign painted on the Louisville Historical Museum as seen in the photo below.

The Louisville Historical Museum in Louisville, Colorado.