It’s spring and love is in the air! Love for all of you, my wonderful citizens!

I love seeing you venture out for morning walks with your dogs, strolling down Main Street and sipping a cup of coffee from one of our great coffee shops. I love hearing the music of the Street Faire wafting through the open windows and doors of our many restaurants and bars. I love watching kids try new foods at the Louisville Farmers Market with curiosity in their eyes.

I love that the Parks and Recreation Department maintains our beautiful trails year-round, so they are ready for the first epic morning run around Harper Lake in the spring. I love the smell and sights of gardens blooming early in the season, ready for a summer full of blue sky days. I love watching our brave first responders show off their gear at the Touch-A-Truck event.

I know you all love spring in Louisville too! These are just a few of the many aspects I love about spring in Louisville. I would like to hear all the reasons you love it too!

Share your favorite sights, sounds, smells, and activities in Louisville during spring, or your favorite time of year, in any (or all!) of the following fun ways:

Your responses will be displayed at the Louisville Historical Museum!

You can also show your love with a donation to the Louisville History Foundation to help protect our incredible history. Make a donation today. I appreciate every penny and know it goes to the important conservation of what makes this town the incredible place it is today!